Mina Black Diamond Hair Scissor Set | Cutting & Thinning Kit

The Mina Black Diamond Hair Scissor Set is popular for hairdressers, barbers, apprentices and beginners.

Featuring an all-rounder hair cutting blade and thinning scissors that are perfect for cutting all types of hair.

Mina Black Diamond Hair Scissors Set

The Black Diamond has a polished black colour coating, comfortable offset ergonomics that allows you to keep cutting hair all-day, and a sharp cutting edge.

The black diamond offset scissor has the following features:

  • An offset handle, making it easy to handle while cutting. Makes a more natural angle to put less strain on the arms and elbows.
  • The stainless steel alloy body black allergy-neutral coating. The stainless steel alloy helps in keeping the blade razor sharp.
  • A flat bevel blade for a smooth cut.
  • Light weight, being 42 grams per piece.
  • A tension screw key to adjust the tightening.
  • The scissors come with a leather pouch, a maintenance oil, leather cleaning cloth, and two combs.

Complete with a comb, hair scissor maintenance kit, hair cutting & thinning scissors, and a protective case, your Black Diamond set is perfect for hairdressers and barbers!

The flat-edge blade is the perfect all-rounder for point cutting, blunt cutting, and more!

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