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Hair Cutting & Thinning Scissors For Sale in Australia! The best hair scissors for professionals and for home haircutting.

Professional Hair Scissors Australia

Hair scissors comes in two different forms - cutting and thinning - and are used in every salon, barbershop, hairdressers and cosmetologist shop in Australia. The best hair scissor brands are made for professionals - and also home hair cutting - with stainless steel, comfortable handle ergonomics, and sharp blades that make haircutting effortless!

What Are Hair Scissors Australia?

What are hair scissors? Are hair scissors any different than regular scissors?

The truth is that hair scissors may look similar to your everyday pair of scissors at home, but they are different due to their hair cutting design.

The main aspects of hair scissors that make them unique are the ultra sharp blades to slice through hair, and the ergonomic handles that makes it easy to hold

Even a basic entry-level hair scissor is specifically crafted to cut hair in a way that it slices through each strand without damaged or causing split-ends with each close of the blades.

No hair scissor is perfect and they require regular sharpening. If you are cutting hair once a month at home, you might not need to sharpen your scissors for a few years. If you are cutting hair at a salon, hairdressers or barbershop, you may need to use a sharpening service every 3 to 6 months.

How To Choose The Best Hair Scissors

There has never been so many different types of hair scissors available in Australia! This is great as you can buy scissors with styles and designs that have never existed before.

The downside is that this also makes choosing hair scissors very difficult.

You can choose a reliable pair of hair scissors by checking these aspects before buying:

  • Choose a trusted hair scissor brand with positive reviews
  • Choosing an offset handle will give you more ergonomic comfort while cutting hair
  • Expensive hair scissors have better steel as these hold sharper blade edges for longer
  • Warranty and exchange policies will allow you to safely buy online

The best hair scissors are ones are made from high-quality steel by professional brands for hairdressers and barbers. Read more about Barber Scissors here!

Choosing the top hair scissors in Australia is often up to preference. Different handles, blades, styles, etc. mean that the best hair scissor for you, might not be popular for others.

We are always available to help guide you to the right pair, so if you have a question about which product to choose from our professional scissor brands, feel free to email us! We are also available to help you find the best pair.

Where Can You Buy Hair Scissors In Australia?

The most popular scissor brands are available online! Some physical retail stores stock professional hair scissors, but the best scissor brands and cheapest prices are available online!

Can you trust buying a pair of hair scissors online? Is it safe to buy scissors online?

It is completely safe to buy products online for hairdressers and barbers in Australia.

The Australian consumer law provides you with a reliable 24 month warranty for manufacturer defects, and most online stores, like, provide a 7-day return policy in case you change your mind.

When looking for where to buy hair scissors online, always look out for:

  • Which hair scissor store has high-reviews
  • Is the online store shipping scissors from within Australia?
  • Does the scissor shop offer Paypal, AfterPay and ZipPay as payment options?
  • Do they have a clean return and exchange policy?

Most online stores save money by not having a physical store, so they are then able to pass the savings onto you!

Whether its a new pair of scissors for your barbershop, a texturizing scissor for your salon or hair scissors to practice with during your study or apprenticeship, you can find the best choices online at!

Hair Scissors In Australia

Soon, Hair Scissors Australia will have an itemised inventory of styling scissor brands and online stores in Australia. This will furnish you with a perfect and clear answer for looking for a styling brand and provider that fits you.

Whether you are a professional hairdresser, stylist, or barber, or simply looking for a hair cutting scissor for home-hairdressing, the best scissors that protect your hair and last for many years (10, 20, 30+ years) are Japanese.

The best haircutting scissors are made from reliable cutting steel with a sharpened blade that's tailored to cutting hair without causing split-ends.

The most comfortable handle ergonomics for hair scissors is with an Offset handle. The majority of modern hair scissors use an offset handle as it fits into your hand more naturally.

The best hair cutting blades found on scissors are the Convex, Bevel, Flat-Edge, and Clam-Shaped blades.

  • For home hairdressers, the bevel or flat-edge is perfect for easy haircutting.
  • For professionals, the convex, bevel, and clam-shaped blades are excellent for sharp point-cutting, slice and slide cutting, blunt cutting, and over-comb haircutting techniques.

At, we offer high-quality Japanese style hairdressing scissors for professional hairstylists, apprentices, and student hairdressers, and for cutting your children and family's hair at home.

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