Juntetsu Rose Gold Hair Scissor | Rose Gold Cutting Scissor

✷ Premium Quality Scissor with Unique Design ✷

This Juntetsu Rose Gold Cutting Scissors is a beautiful premium scissor for all professional hairdressers looking for an elegant cutting scissor!

With high-quality materials and design, it truly is a scissor-like no other!

✷ Lightweight and Corrosion & Wear Resistant ✷

The premium hardened 440C steel used for this scissor ensures high durability, with one of the sharpest Convex Edge blades for an effortless cut.

Juntetsu Rose Gold Cutting - Rose Gold Hair Scissor

Comfortably lightweight and long-lasting, it holds an excellent sharp cutting edge, and is corrosion, rust, and wear-resistant.

It is coated with a stunning allergy neutral rose gold color over a dozen times, ensuring a natural look, and is scratch & stain resistant.

✷ Best Value for Money ✷

Not only is our Juntetsu Rose Gold Cutting Scissors durable, beautiful, and comfortable to use, it is also a great deal for a premium scissor!

For every purchase, we include a leather pouch, razor, blades, comb, oil brush, cloth, finger inserts & tension key!


  • Corrosion and Wear Resistant
  • Guaranteed Durability
  • Features Convex Edge blades
  • Exceptional Sharpness
  • Beautiful Rose Gold Finish Like No Others!


  • Size: 6” inch size
  • Handle Position: 3D Offset Handle
  • Steel: 440C Steel
  • Hardness: 60HRC
  • Cutting Edge: Convex Edge
  • Blade: Slicing Cutting
  • Finish: Pink Rose Gold Polished Finish

✷ This Set Includes ✷

  • 1x Juntetsu Rose Gold Cutting Scissors
  • 1x Leather Pouch, Razor, Blades, Comb, Oil Brush, Cloth, Finger Inserts & Tension Key

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