Ichiro Ergo Cutting & Thinning Hair Scissors Set

✷ High-Quality Authentic Ichiro Thinning Scissors ✷

Expect excellence from every Ichiro Scissors. Ichiro uses high-quality cutting steel to produce professional hair tools.

Ichiro Scissors are reliable with comfortable ergonomics, hardened steel that holds a sharp cutting edge and is resistant to corrosion and wear.

Long-lasting, high-quality shears specialized for your done-at-home beginner haircuts.

✷ Comfortable and Reliable for Prolonged Usage ✷

Doing haircuts from home? The Micro-Serrated Blades are perfect for beginners, apprentices, and home haircutting.

The Ichiro Ergo Hair Scissor Kit

The Ichiro Ergo set the flagship apprentice hair cutting and thinning scissors.

The serrated blade on the thinning and cutting scissors captures any falling hair that you might miss.

✷Lightweight, Beautiful and Ergonomic ✷

These apprentice shears feature serrated blades and teeth, lightweight and offset ergonomic design and mirror polish finish.

Worry not for hand injury of any kind while using Ichiro Ergo Scissors.

The offset ergonomics, balanced design, and lightweight craftsmanship of shears are made to keep you cutting for hours without straining or injury (RSI).

✷ FEATURES ✷ High-Quality Authentic Ichiro Hair Scissors Comfortable and Lightweight for Prolonged Usage Fine Grooved Teeth for Smoother Cuts


  • Size: 6”
  • Handle Position: Offset Handle
  • Steel: Stainless Alloy Steel
  • Hardness: 56-58HRC
  • Thinning: 30 Traceless Teeth
  • Blade: Micro Serrated Blade
  • Finish: Mirror Polish

✷ This Set Includes ✷

  • Set of 6” Ichiro Ergo Cutting & Thinning Scissors Set
  • Cleaning Cloth and Scissor Oil
  • Leather Pouch
  • Finger Insert, Razor, and Tension Key

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