Yasaka Hair Scissors Australia | Yasaka Shears From Japan

Yasaka Seiki Co., Ltd is a world renown hair scissor brand from Japan that produces high-quality products for Australian hairdressers and barbers.

If you are looking for a new pair of hair scissors that are made in Japan for professionals, then Yasaka may be the best brand for you!

Yasaka is the brand that hairdressers and barbers use everyday! They produce premium clam-shaped convex edge blades from high-quality Japanese steel. Great quality Japanese hair scissors for affordable prices.

Yasaka Scissors Review Summary

Even though Yasaka is a famous hair scissor brand in Australia, it may be hard to decide whether or not they are worth buying.

We have put together a brief review of Yasaka scissors, so you can see if they are good enough to buy!


  • Made in Nara, Japan
  • Premium Japanese Hitachi Steel
  • Unique clam-shaped convex edge hair scissor blade
  • Affordable prices between $300 and $600
  • Most popular Japanese hair scissor brand in Australia

At a glance, Yasaka scissors are special due to their engravings, unique designs, and Japanese quality materials and craftsmanship.

What they excel at is turning a block of steel into a Japanese hair cutting scissor that is able to perform for professional hairdressers and barbers.

Compared to Australian scissor brands, Yasaka has a detailed quality assurance process that ensures there are no defects and each pair is ready to cut hair professionally.

You can expect your pair of Yasaka scissors to last for 20-30 years or longer if well maintained.

Contrasted with other Japanese brands, Yasaka keeps a reasonable evaluating for their great hair scissor items. You don’t have to pay $2000 for an exceptional pair of scissors when Yasaka sells these for $300-600 a couple.

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